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PTPS Panipat
DCRTPP Yamunanagar
FTPS Faridabad
WYC Hydel Yamunanagar

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Computer & Software
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90/BMD-8/10 (RM) VOL-X, dated 03.09.2019
Replacement of Pins of Pin Rack, Inspection of Guide and Support Bearing, Inspection of drive sys... 
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Dec 13, 2019
26/SM-366/2019-20 Dated: 07.11.2019
Work of loading, unloading and handling of material in Stores, cutting of grass, sarkanda etc in ... 
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Dec 06, 2019
Unit-7&8/ PTPS/C&I-7/5 dated 06.09.2019
“Supply, installation & commissioning of Hardware for online monitoring of water of 2X250 MW Unit... 
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Dec 02, 2019
Dec 02, 2019
04 /CMDP-II/2019-20/892 dated 31.10.2019
Repair of fancying channel etc. Ash water recovery system at PTPS, Panipat 
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Nov 29, 2019
PTP/POM-222165 dated 06.09.2019
Supply of Energy Meter (Make: L&T, Genus, Secure) for PTPS Colony, Panipat.  
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Nov 27, 2019
12/CE/PLG/FTPS/SPP-303 Dated: 29.10.2019
e-Tenders in two parts from the eligible bidders are invited for design, engineering, procurement... 
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Nov 26, 2019
23/EMD-I/219/DCRTPP/2020-22 Dated: 09.11.2019
ARC of Electrical System/ Equipments (HT/LT Switchgear, HT/LT Motors, Illumination System, Powe... 
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Nov 26, 2019
24/EMD-I/221/DCRTPP/2020-22 Dated: 09-11-2019
Annual running contract for Operation & Maintenance of HT/LT Switchgear, Transformers, Street Li... 
Nov 26, 2019
35/RGTPP/Sup.-I/M&P-583/2019-2020, Dated- 04.11.2019
Providing supervisory services of 6 no. Ex-BHEL/ Ex-NTPC persons for boiler & its aux... 
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Nov 25, 2019
 NIT ALert (Closing today)
 34/RGTPP/Rotary-I/M&P-576/2019-2020 ; dated-11.10.2019

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